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Modular Building Solutions

For companies in the process of opening a new manufacturing or distribution facility in the Perth WA. Search for relevant up to date advice on current funding initiatives and also high level introductions to Government, Western Australian, Local Government, Local Council and Government funded bodies.
There are currently number of exciting inward factory relocation fund packages available in the Australia and you should not make any applications nor final move decisions without investigating all the options available, as multiple funding is achievable and pre-commitment can exclude your company from certain incentive based packages.
Perth and outlining areas are competitive for distribution with a high density of competing companies, ensuring frequent portable buildings are being sold for low cost.

Looking for a logistics professional. Look for a transport company that can quickly put together delivery schedule to any and all of WA destinations, enabling you to check costs and delivery times specific to your own delivery.

Portable Lunchroom

Western Australia portable building companies have been supplying local and WA businesses, particularly the mining and civil sectors with transportable buildings for years. There are also local caravan companies supplying branching out into the mobile wagon. The mobile wagon also locally known as the Mobile Crib Wagon, can consist of a mobile lunchroom with ablution on wheels. This mobile wagon is suitable for jobs on the railway corridor.

What separates portable building companies from each other is the products they use and also the timely manner in which these modular buildings can be constructed.

Portable Lunch Room

Lunchrooms can complete with:
Tables and benches.

Additional crib hut accessories available:
Vinyl flooring.
Security windows
Personnel doors
Wall partitions
Ablution area with floor bund
Shelving for supplies
Vents and whirlybirds
How water system
Insulated panels.
Electrical fit-out.
Common building sizes available: 6x3m, 12x3m, 12x6m, 12x9m, 12x12m, Custom builds can also cater for individual requirements.


Crib Room For Hire or Sale

Lunchrooms are suitable for Worksites, Rural Properties, Farms, Events, Temporary to Permanent sites.

Crib Room Design

Depending on your requirement, generally speaking a 12x3 lunchroom can accommodate 24 people; this is made up of 6 crib tables and 24 chairs. It has been know to have 36 chairs supplied with a 12x3, this would seat 6 personnel around each table, six tables supplied would give the 36, not much elbow space. Four per table is seems to be the standard.

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transportable lunch room

For Hire

Lunch Room For Hire or Sale: Fully kitted out lunchrooms are available in various sizes to suit your individual lunch room requirements. Optional inclusions are also available on request.

Types and styles of portable buildings

The range of portable buildings has increased over the years to include: Site amenities, Site offices, Meeting rooms, Portable lunch rooms also known as, crib huts or sometimes dongas, Change rooms, Recreational rooms, Ablution blocks, portable toilets, Shower blocks, Residence quarters, Portable accommodation units, Club rooms

Hiring a portable lunch room

Some local hirers have a minimum hire period, for example it maybe 3 months, this doesn’t mean you can’t hire the building for a period less than 3 months, it just means the minimum cost of the hire will be a minimum of 3 months’ rent. They also may only hire to ABN users, and also only hire within their state or defined local area.

Dedicated eating area

Portable lunch rooms give the workers on site a dedicated room to have their lunch/break. It's important for workers to feel like they have had a proper break, having tied and unfed workers can lead to the workers feeling fatigued which can result in disruption in the workplace.
Ensuring workers have and take adequate and regular breaks to rest eat and rehydrate can be one of the factors in controlling fatigue in the work place.
If you employee's require a rest period or work break, a portable lunch room would be suitable for this as this will allow your workers to have defined breaks such as lunch breaks, crib breaks and morning or afternoon tea breaks, not being able to have these breaks can generate issues for employers and employees.
Portable building companies can completely customised a lunch room to your exact specifications, or if you want they will supply you a standard crib room kitted out with tables and chairs, kitchenette, electrical outlets, lighting, and hot water units/urns.
Transportable lunch room or crib hut is perfect for construction sites, mine sites, farms, properties, or anywhere that your workers need to take breaks from their daily work area, to eat or just take a break.
These buildings are fully transportable, the crib rooms can be shifted from worksite to worksite or if required can be setup as a semi-permanent structure.



Slang name for Transportable Accommodation Unit in Australia is the word Donga

Donga, a portable building used for temporary accommodation in Australia.

Sell also:
Construction Trailer Construction trailers are mobile structures (trailers) used to accommodate temporary offices, dining facilities and storage of building materials during construction projects.

Modular Building

"Modular buildings and modular homes are sectional prefabricated buildings, or houses, that consist of multiple sections called modules. "Modular" is a method of construction differing from other methods"

Portable Classroom

A portable classroom, (also known as a demountable or relocatable classroom), is a type of portable building installed at a school to temporarily and quickly provide additional classroom space where there is a shortage of capacity

Prefabricated building

A prefabricated building, informally a prefab, is a building that is manufactured and constructed using prefabrication. It consists of factory-made components or units that are transported and assembled on-site to form the complete building.

Ascention Assets Transportable Lunch rooms

There are distinct advantages to ascention assets portable lunchrooms and portable offices compared to traditional on-site construction: the soaring costs, for one thing, not to mention the added expense of complying with health and safety regulations, and ensuring your new facility is friendly to the environment and sustainable – no wonder more and more companies are turning towards transportable buildings for work sites.

So it’s good to know there is a wide choice available to suit your budget whatever your needs – be it a lunch room, a transportable kitchen, or a donga to be added on to your existing worksite or camp.

Portable Lunchroom